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The Zachman Framework

A few days ago, I came across the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture. Perusing the site (and enjoying his views at the same time), he asks a critical question – When you build an airplane or building, there is a systematic way of doing things – drawings, blueprints, simulation etc. How about for an enterprise? What is the systematic way of doing things?


Hah – you’d be laughed out of the room…

You can get a copy of the Framework if you register (free registration) as a member. From an article on the Zachman site titled: Architecture is Architecture is Architecture

There is a universal set of descriptive representations for describing any or all industrial products. It is not mysterious what one dimension of the set of descriptions is as it is derived from the classic six primitive interrogatives that have existed since the origins of language. Answers to the six primitive interrogatives constitute a complete description of anything. Therefore, one set of descriptions includes:

Bills of Material – What the object is made of.

Functional Specs – How the object works.

Drawings – Where the components exist relative to one another.

Operating Instructions – Who is responsible for operation.

Timing Diagrams – When do things occur.

Design Objectives – Why does it work the way it does.

In many ways, that is the purpose of this blog – How should enterprises be even as we toy with the need for Big Data and its associated technologies?

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I am Chris Jacob Abraham and I live, work and blog from Newburgh, New York. I work for IBM as a Senior consultant in the Fab PowerOps group that works around the issue of detailed Fab (semiconductor fab) level scheduling on a continual basis. My erstwhile company ILOG was recently acquired by IBM and I've joined the Industry Solutions Group there.

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